CARPET MASTERHighly effective carpet and upholstery cleaner. May be used manually or via a carpet cleaning machine.
FLOOR ITPleasantly perfumed multi-purpose all surface cleaner.
FLOOR GLEAMPolymer floor polish. 15% solid content.
FLOOR SHEENPolymer floor polish. 20% solid content.
FLOOR STRIPPERPolymer floor polish remover.
MOP & SHINEPolymer re-dressing maintainance
SOLVITGeneral purpose hard surface cleaner. SANS 1828 Certified. sabslogo
ULTRASHEENHighly durable polymer floor dressing, for high scuff and mark resistence. 25% solid content.
Con-De-GreaseHeavy duty porous floor degreaser

FCP 2000Economically designed floor cleaning powder
PensolAlkali powder floor cleaner and degreaser
Wax PolishSolid wax polish. Available in lavender