Recognized and respected as the leader in cleaning hand tools for over 40 years, 3M provides solutions to efficiently and cost effectively clean kitchen facilities and equipment – and maintain their cosmetic appearance.

Scotch-BriteTM Hand Pads and Systems are more aggressive than competitive pads removing twice as much baked-on food from cookware and dishes. Being more aggressive requires less time and effort to clean kitchens.

3M Floor Pads

• Remove deep scuff marks 7 times faster

• Nearly 40% more aggressive floor stripping

• 25% better cut on Schiefer test

• 50% better burnishing durability

Every 3M Floor Pad is made to high quality standards. And ongoing innovation and advancements in technology make 3M floor pads more effective than ever.

Each floor pad in 3M’s full line is engineered specifically for a particular maintenance task.

3M floor pad uniformity and quality helps produce:

– less machine wobble and vibration.

– less operator fatigue.

– prolonged useful life of the pad.

– better results on your floors.

Uniform coating throughout every 3M floor pad helps produce a long, useful life, resulting in less pad usage.

3M pads are washable and reusable.