BRASS POLISHHighly economical brass polisher and cleaner.
CARPET MASTERHighly effective carpet and upholstery cleaner. May be used manually or via a carpet cleaning machine.
DEO BLOCKSDeodorised blocks for urinals and toilets
FLOOR ITPleasantly perfumed multi-purpose all surface cleaner
FLOORGLEAMPolymer floor polish. 15% solid content.
FLOOR SHEENPolymer floor polish. 20% solid content.
FLOOR STRIPPERPolymer floor polish remover.
GERMBUSTERBleach based viscous liquid disinfectant and bacteriacide. SABS 1853 Certified. sabslogo
G FRESHEnvironmental odour disgestor and maintainance skip, bin and drain cleaner.
G.P DETERGENTViscous general purpose liquid detergent for ceramic in washrooms.
LANOCLEARPleasantly perfumed liquid hand soap designed for wall mounted soap dispensers.
LANOPEARLPleasantly perfumed liquid hand soap designed for wall mounted soap dispensers. Designed with pearl effect.
LIQUID SANITISERHighly effective sanitiser. Dispensed via Auto-janitors.
MOP & SHINEPolymer re-dressing maintainance
PINE DISINFECTANTQ.A.C based disinfectant, deodoriser and detergent. SABS 639 Certified. sabslogo
PRESENCEFloral based air-freshener
REFRESHLavender based air freshener detergent and disinfectant. Contains QAC.
ROSYHighly concentrated rose air freshener, detergent.
SCOUR POWDERHighly abrasive powder cleaner.
SOLVITGeneral purpose hard surface cleaner. SANS 1828 Certified. sabslogo
SUPER JELPine perfumed jel cleaner and disinfectant.
SWEET CHERRYCherry based air freshener cleaner with high detergent properties.
T B CAcid based toilet bowl cleaner for the removal of urine scale and soil buildup.
ULTRASHEENHighly durable polymer floor dressing, for high scuff and mark resistance. 25% solid content.
WINDOW CLEANERWindow cleaner and detergent. May also be used as an economical surface cleaner.
WAX POLISHSolid wax polish. Available in White, Red and Black
Furniture PolishLiquid furniture polish
Stainless Steel PolishReady to use stainless steel polish
Safeway TBCBiodegradable acid based toilet bowl cleaner

Lavender FreshLavender based air freshner and cleaner. Designed with high detergent properties
Lemon FreshLemon based air-freshner and cleaner. Designed with high detergent properties