2009CHighly alkali heavy duty degreaser
ALUSHINEAluminium cleaner and brightener
DASH & TYREHigh gloss silicone for dashboards, tyres and bumpers.
ENGINE CLEANERSolvent based engine degreaser with effective detergent properties.
MULTIWASHViscous commercial vehicle detergent
PENSOLAlkali powder floor cleaner and degreaser
RADIATEPowder metal cleaner and brightener. Works especially well on copper.
SOLVITGeneral purpose hard surface cleaner. SANS 1828 Certified. sabslogo
TYRE PAINTCommercial vehicle tyre paint. Leaves lasting matt finish.
WASH & WAXHigh foam vehicle detergent. Exceptional paint protection.
W B DHighly effective water based degreaser with solvent like action.
SWEET CHERRYCherry based air freshener cleaner with high detergent properties.
Car ShampooEconomical high foam vehicle detergent. Exceptional paint protection.
Dash n Tyre CreamHigh gloss silicone cream for dashboards, tyre and bumpers.